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Dog Day Care and Boarding Registration
10720 Termini San Luis Pass Road, FM 3005 At 7 Mile Road

Please review and follow these PreArrival Registration steps. This will ensure that the check in for dog day care and boarding for your dog goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Call 409-737-9515 to book your reservation.

  • Do bring your dogs’ food to leave with us. If you prefer, you can divide it into zip-loc bags in the quantity you want your dog to receive.

  • Would you like your dog to have special treats or toys? Please bring these with you, and note how or when your pet can have them.

  • Do you have a special bed and / or kennel your dog sleeps in? Be sure and leave with us, and we will make sure your dog sleeps just like he is at home.

  • Would you like your dog to smell fresh and clean while he is staying with us or before you pick him up? We will happily bathe your dog! If you have a preferred shampoo, don't forget to bring the shampoo with you and leave with us!

  • Do bring any medicine or vitamins for your dog. Please provide written instructions and we will administer as per your dog's schedule.

  • Do plan to allow a few minutes to meet with us the day of your arrival. We want time to meet your dog too!

  • Any questions? Call us at 409-737-9515 with any concerns, requests or special needs your dog has. 

View Dog Day Care and Boarding Check In and our Safety information to prepare for your dog's care.

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Dogs at Dolphins View
10720 Termini San Luis Pass Road
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