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Dog Day Care and Boarding Check In
Safety and Well-being for your dog is Our Top Priority. For that goal, please review the following Check In specifics:

  • New Dogs will be inspected by us on arrival. They will not be with other dogs or in common areas until this is complete.

  • If fleas or evidence of fleas are present, we will give your dog a flea bath. They need to remain separate from other dogs until we ensure there are no fleas or evidence of fleas present. To avoid the above problem and cost, you should ensure your dogs are rid of fleas before arrival.

  • All dogs must have current vaccinations. To be current, they must have received them at least 10 days before visiting us, in order to ensure they are effective. The vaccinations we require, per our Veterinarian Medical Director, are; Rabies and DHLP.

  • Prior to arrival, please email a copy of your veterinarian records to If a last-minute reservation was made, you may bring a printed copy of your veterinarian records when you check in.

  • Medications for your dog; We are happy to administer medications and will discuss the fees with you once we know the specifics. You need to provide written instructions (dosage, schedule, etc,) along with the medication.

  • All dogs need to arrive wearing a collar and leash. For your safety and theirs, if you arrive while other dogs are arriving, you may want to wait outside or in your car. Dogs behave differently while ‘on leash’ so this is a precaution.

View details on Dog Day Care and Boarding Registration before you arrive.
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