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Dogs At Dolphins View Photo Gallery
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This is Birdie dancing with Twain!
Kipp, a Big Ole' Hound Dog!
Judy with Maggee, and Della with Kassee, our little Canadian visitors!
Sasha, the miniature poodle.
PJ, the Havenese!
Tiny Tobie, now in Doggie Heaven.
Brandie, the Pack Leader.
Little Lucy, the Shih Tzu.
Wally, the 2 year-old Social Butterfly.
Biscotti, the white Miniature Poodle, arrived with green ribbons and matching toenail polish!
Skye, standing, and Lilly, big and beautiful!
Sasha and Shiloh at the Ranch.
Murphy, the Boxer.
Kassee and Maggee from Canada!
Lucy, a tiny and sweet chihuahua, arrived sporting a Pink Football jacket!
Bodie, the Black Lab.
Annie and Cory are therapy dogs, that provide so for us as well!
Sadie, the elegant Greyhound.
Tiny, the mini Poodle, from Tennessee.
Ginger, and sister Callie, in the background!
Lola, the Galvestonian French Bulldog, arrived for Thanksgiving and New Years!
Sundance, one of two Aussies!
Little Peaches loves the deck and the ocean view at the Ranch!
Oprah, who carries her own passport.
Shandy, a Silky Terrier.
Max, a fun-loving Labradoodle!
Lucy loves the Big Yards at the Seawall!
Happy + Lab = Bella!
Three of four Dachshunds!
Bert and Sasha love each other, and their PLAYcations at the Ranch.
Truly, the yellow Lab.
Zoe, Layla, and Millie Puppy hard at PLAY in the sand!
Big Max, the Chocolate Lab, stayed for 6 weeks.
Lord Marcel, the white Miniature Poodle.
Levi loves the PLAYcation Ranch!
Foxy Lady loves PLAYcations! We love Foxy Lady!
Prada, the Golden Retriever Collie mix, had a grand time on PLAYcation!
Captain and Morgan, Local Galvestonians, loved the Great Outdoors!
Tiny George is a Tender-Hearted Little Soul.
Bean and Max are Little BIG Chihuahuas and enjoyed Christmas with us!
Tiger the Chihuahua is a brave little guy, especially when his big brother, Simba, is nearby!
Simba, the Senior Chow, moves stately through the yards.
Lucy loves to run and to feel the Gulf Breezes through her long beautiful hair!
Stuart, a little Chihuahua, loves the Lap with a View.
Life is Good when you are Jagger!
Meet Harvey, a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Two Goldens in the Garden make a perfect picture!
The Maltese Brothers love the Big Outdoors for their PLAYcation!
Nudge, a four month old Sweetheart.
Poncho is a Teacup Chihuahua, weighing in at 7 pounds! He is a Big Dog at Heart!
Oscar knows how to Chill Out on a Hot Summer Day in Galveston!
Oscar and Holly both love the water.
Bailey loves laps, early mornings, and Galveston sunrises.
Romp n Roll on a Galveston summer afternoon, with Smokey and Brady!
Max, the Mountain Dog, loves the cool Galveston waters as well!
Milo came for one day, and stayed for two, because his people knew he was on a great PLAYcation!
Ghost, on the right, is a friendly Wiemereiner, who happens to love other dogs and doggie ice cream!
Riley is a 4 month old who loves a warm lap.
Gypsy, lounging on a bright, Galveston morning
Cafe, that's Coffee to you non-Spanish speakers, is an inquisitive little Cocker Spaniel.
Buster, the Pugle, strikes a side-angle pose for the camera.
Princess Lei and Hans, our tiniest guests, love PLAYcations too!
June and Bella say Hello!
Bella, what a Beauty, enjoying the blue skies and fresh air of Galveston.
Buck and Twain are good pals at the West End Estate.
Twain is totally tired out, from a full day of play!
Bella, a beautiful shepherd that loves to play in the water!
Kennedy is livin' large at the PLAYcation estate!
Just call me Buddy!
Smokey and Lady arrived on Friday! Future is so bright, they gotta wear their shades!
Krew, a local Galvestonian dog, is named for the King of Mardi Gras!
Sophie stays right by your side! She  a Pointer and Blue Heeler mix, and a great dog.
Minnie loves the cool floor and her own bone!
Max is a happy PLAYcation guest and takes a snooze.
Mason was way too busy playing to slow down and look at us for a photo!
Take my picture-Quick! I'm Lola and I don't slow down!
Lapdogs like Sophie love Dogs at Dolphins View!
Sophie strikes a pose, from the human's lap, always!
Bandit, a gentle American bulldog, loves the lush grass.
Jake, one of our first guests, loves the PLAY pools!
Sadie sits. Happy dog!
PLAYcation Dogs of 2012-2013
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