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Dog Day Care and Boarding Safety
10720 Termini San Luis Pass Road, FM 3005 At 7 Mile Road, Galveston
& Indian Beach, West End Galveston Island

Safety and Well-being for your dog is Our Top Priority. To ensure that your dog, and other dogs in our care, are safe and ready for time in our facilities, we observe many safety precautions.

  • We get acquainted with each dog privately upon arrival. We ask all  owners to thoroughly complete the application so we know the behavior to expect.

  • We introduce new dogs to other dogs only one at a time, and only if the owners want their dog to have group play.

  • Dogs are always fed separately.

  • No human food or treats are given to dogs in our care, unless owner directed, and only when dogs are separated.

  • Dogs in heat or not neutered must be separated from other dogs at all times. We would prefer not to bring them into dog care but will work to accommodate you if possible. 

  • Puppies under 4 months should be separated from other dogs.

  • We welcome all friendly dogs to utilize our dog day care and boarding services. We do not allow aggressive dogs or behavior. We have chosen not to be breed specific with our open group play. However, all PLAYcation dogs that are a breed of dog listed below will not be allowed to socialize in our open day care; until evaluated by one of our K9 Leisure Consultants: Pitbulls; American Pitbull Terriers; American Staffordshire Terriers; Staffordshire Bull Terriers; American Bulldogs; Presa Canarios; Cane Corsos; DogoArgentinos; Fila Braseleiros; any Mixed Breed that has the appearance or characteristics of such breeds will be individually evaluated.

  • Any dog that shows ANY aggression will be kept separate from other dogs.

  • All dogs are supervised during group play.

  • Our locations always have our supervision, 24 hours per day.

  • Some dogs will need to be unable to see other dogs, to avoid barking or too much excitement.

  • We have tall fences (6 to 8 feet) to contain dogs, and gates will be locked.

View details on Dog Day Care and Boarding Registration and Check In before you arrive.

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